March 20, 2007


The poems following this post are those that were written eons ago. In fact I do not even have the dates for them. I decided that I needed to put them on the blog on a spur of the moment.

The posts are

  • Unfounded Expectations
  • Haunting Memories
  • After Departure
  • A day in the life of a Schizophrenic
  • Safe Inside

I can see a marked change compared to the poems of yester year and those that I write today.

I have changed, so have my posts.


1 comment:

Suchi said...

Your poetry is like water, crystal clear, pure, unpretentious. These poems are not the best you can write, but they are the freshest, because they ask questions, and search for answers, even frames them. In that regard, I could thoroughly relate to them.

Though you have mentioned that you don't have the dates for these poems, I would like to know roughly when you wrote these.

"I have changed, so have my posts." Inevitable.