June 29, 2007

The Absent Friend

The person who’ll always there,
The one who’d never leave the side,
Shall give a shoulder to cry on,
And support during the worst fear.

A compassionate human, he is,
Ready to dry the stream of tears cried.
He’d be kind, even when kindness is not needed,
And he’d come every time, he was called in the mind.

The words he’d say shall soothe the mind,
The look in his eyes shall give peace.
The touch of his hand upon the cheek of yours,
Shall leave warmth flowing to the heart.

The gift he has got within him,
He shall always make you wear a smile.
Even if the whole world seemed to be gloomy,
He’d bring a cheer to a darkened heart.

And times when you feel you’ve reached
The limit to which you could ever tread,
He’d gently nudge you, to carry on,
Showing you there is no end to your limit.

Those moments when you feel all alone,
Walking along, with your face at your feet,
He’d be there, immediately, feeling the pain,
That he’d ease with words you need to hear.

When he was there, beside you, holding,
You up gently, when you couldn’t walk on,
You took him for granted, that he’d be forever,
That you all will stay forever this way.

But others had different thoughts for him,
Taking him away to a place far from here,
To show him how the life’s got to be lived,
And how to be all that you want to be.

That friend shall now be forever absent,
He is not there anymore, or will ever be,
That absent friend who was always near,
A light in the darkness of life.

Watching on you from high up above,
Guiding you when you go awry,
Giving you more love that you need,
Providing solace to a lonely heart at sea.

More than his presence is his absence,
That can give more than his presence can.
Times that moved apart, and so have the people,
But that had no effect on minds and heart united.

21st September 2002

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