June 23, 2007

Far Deep Below

You left years ago,
Or was it me who left?
Times have moved
Between us,
Creating a chasm,
Where there was none.
This gorge that lies,
Yet invisible,
Now the voice
I hear,
Is that of a stranger,
Is that of an unknown.
Memories lie deep inside,
Too deep to arise,
Too far below
Below, on the surface.
They come streaming back,
Bringing memories,
Those that lie deep inside,
Too far below,
Too deep below
Not to arise.

1 comment:

Rajaraman said...

People come and go in ones life.
But some peeople stay in our heart for ever.
Some people just by doing bad also remain in your heart. Only the passsion or feelings towards them different
I think Periyar would have remembered Rama and our Hindu Gods more than any athiest