June 14, 2007

Looking Back

A foreign place,
Faces unknown,
Places unseen.

Things to do,
People to meet,

Sitting in a corner,
Watching time fly by,
Harboring hopes,
Dreaming dreams,
Of times past.

Things done,
Once, twice, umpteen times.
People met,
Yearly, weekly, daily.

I sit alone, yet
I sit not alone
Looking back.

12th June 2007



Suchitra said...

Yesterday's today
Tomorrow's yesterday.

Today's reality
Tomorrow's memories.

The side of the fence
Is the thin line.

Lazy Lavender said...

Hey Such, doesn't yesterday's today become today's yesterday?

Rajaraman said...

I am reminded of the famous puzzle of K. Balachandar apporva ragangal.
Can You clarify what is y day and today? todays ydand and Y days today.
Articles are written for reading and enjoying. It must be simple and understandable.
Cherikkum sera venum thamiszh paatum padu.

பரத் said...

Good one Adhu !

Anonymous said...

how sad!

Sense in non-sense Aditya said...

I do not know why this is sad, because when i wrote it, the emotion that went into it and when i read it the emotion i saw in it, was the exact opposite of sadness.
anyway, perspectives are different.