June 29, 2007

Living Dead

Summer leaves and autumn comes,
Bringing cold to replace the warm.
The warmth of summer, so bright,
Shall fade into the chill of autumn.
The trees, once green splendid and bright,
Lose their own kind, their luster,
Drop the leaves that promised life
In the hope of growing them again.
One by one, they fall to the earth
To signal the one coming grey,
Leaving, once vibrant, trees bare,
Stripped of all its life, living dead.
Harboring at the heart, a single hope,
To see off a winter, so cold,
So as to be in a warm, kind summer.
Falling leaves bring a sign of new,
Coming around to replace the dying old.
The old, dying, with the only hope
To be replaced by someone new.

2nd July 2002

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