June 23, 2007

Open and closed

I open the doors,
Once left closed.
Were they closed,
To keep the world out?
Or were they closed,
To keep me in?

The doors are open,
Am I left open?
Things inside,
Are they shown

Closed doors,
Closed to the world,
Open to me.
Open doors,
Open to the world,
Closed to me.


Suchitra said...

My doors.
I open,
I close.

I open to the world,
I grant access.

Can I build a room without walls
And then claim people look?

Open, open to me
But not to the world,
By their choice!

Closed, closed to me
But not to the world,
By my choice!

I walk through doors
I want to walk,
I am granted access to.

I let you walk through mine
If you want access
If I grant it.

Lazy Lavender said...

Wow.. Both the poems are pretty good.. I guess that is all I have to say..